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My imperfect motherhood pt1

I know some days you sit and think: “there’s so much I need to improve on my motherhood capabilities, the way I do things at home to take care for my loved ones…” I am there with you everyday.

When I think I’ve had it all under control, I leave some detail behind and sometimes it gets to the most sensible fibers of my heart. It burns me.

Today was one of those days…

I had to work for my client and left my little one with my husband. When I finished, we went to eat and during dinner, the baby started crying and he wasn’t hungry. When I picked him up, he was so wet I had to carry him out of the restaurant and change him. But to my surprise, I refilled his diapers, the paper towels I use to clean him, the blankies and his snacks, but forgot to take another change of clothes with me. BOOM!

We ended up finishing our dinner abruptly and going home. To be honest, I think this could’ve been prevented if we changed the baby before sitting at the restaurant, but none of us thought about it. Still, I felt the worse mom, because I didn’t change him nor had another set of clothes in the diaper bag. Boo again.

Did I learn something? Yes.

  1. I have to check and re check the diaper bag before I leave the house.
  2. I have to change the baby more often to avoid these unexpected leakages and
  3. I still have to work on not blaming myself so much, because I bet there are many other moms like me out there. Imperfect, but loving and caring and living to do their best for their children.

Have you experienced any kind of “mom fails” you’d like to share? Feel free to put your comments below and let’s pat each other in the back!

We may not be perfect, but we’re are the perfect mom for our children.




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