Lasagna in the pan (mess free recipe)

So I got this idea of making my lasagna in the pan from a friend of mine, Katia Cabrera who has a You Tube Channel with a few easy recipes. But this recipe is a personal one and I’m going to share it with you in 4 steps.

I used ground chicken meat (1lb)

For the meat:

1can of tomato sauce

1 tsp Himalayan salt

1tsp seasoning with annato

1tsp your favorite herb mix

1tbs yellow onion

My cheese is Dayia cheddar style (non dairy) it doesn’t melt fast
I served my plate with fried plantains, because they’re ripe and add a sweet flavor to the dish. But you can add garlic bread, or sauteed veggies.

Hope you mamas like this recipe. And if you try it, leave me a comment! Also, follow my Facebook page and send me a picture or tag me!



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