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Baby’s Safety Best Practices

I am a first time mom. That’s why I can only share with you what has worked for me and my one year old up to this point. September is baby’s safety awareness month and I want to give you a few tips on what we can do to keep our little treasures safe of any kind of harm.


When we give birth we have the obligation to take our babies out of the hospital in their car seats. This is one of the most important safety measures we have to take with our little ones. For that, the nearest fire department can help us install the car seat correctly, in order for this equipment to function adequately. Tip: My hubby and I watched the Consumer Reports videos to buy the safest car seat for our baby. Since Consumer Reports tests the seat in a simulation of a 30 mph crash with a dummy, they can tell what are the best products out there for the children.

Also, you have to register the purchase of your baby’s products in order to be able to file a claim should the products have a manufacturer’s defect or a recall takes place. What are the kind of products that include a registration form?

  1. Playpens
  2. Strollers
  3. Car seats
  4. High chairs
  5. Walkers
  6. Cribs
  7. Breast milk pump machine

There could be more products than the ones I numbered above. But those are the kind of products that you should registered its purchase, in order to be notified of any safety issues.


Childproofing your house is one of the things that you should consider before your baby is of walking age (not something that I did myself and now I’m working on it as my baby grows *shame on me*). The following is my to-do list in regards to this topic:

  • Install electric outlet plugs
  • Install a gate in your hallways, stairway or at the entrance of your kitchen (or in front of the fireplace)
  • Prepare a playing area that has mats for the baby for him not to fall on the bare floor, if yours are cement and marble floors
  • Put child safety locks on your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, drawers and closets
  • Put your cleaning products in a storage outside of the house
  • Make sure every prescription medicines or vitamins are locked or placed in a high place away from the child
  • Attach your TV to a safety strap that goes on the entertainment center furniture or on a wall mount
  • Avoid having glass dinning tables or coffee tables. Move them away from baby’s reach or replace them for a wooden table or any other material that doesn’t represent a risk


Stop and think before you do anything in front of your child. Like opening medicine recipients, or detergent bottles, opening a closet, etc…

  • Never leave a pre walker alone on the floor, on the bed or in the crib (he could jump over it. Mine hasn’t tried yet)
  • Don’t let the baby get near a dog you really don’t know how it’ll act with the baby
  • When you come out of the car, always inspect it if you aren’t always the one dropping off the baby at day care. That way you’ll avoid leaving the baby in the car in risk of suffocation

A final comment…Babies’ brain are like sponges. They grab everything so quick it amazes me how my little one learns by the minute. That’s why we need and have to be very responsible taking care of every detail in their surroundings, and being careful with the gear we choose to buy for their well being. Also, we have to notice them all the time. We are the only ones who can protect them as much as they need.

I’m a first time mommy and I’m sure I’ll keep finding more ways to keep my baby safe. If you have some to share with me, please leave it in the comments!



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