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Animated TV shows that your baby will love

When my baby was 3 months old, he started appreciating shapes, music and sequences. That’s when I noticed that he liked certain animated musical TV shows for his age and everytime he seemed uncomfortable and unable to fall asleep on his own, I put those programs for him.

If you are a first time mommy or just had another baby, I hope this list helps you find what kind of animations and sounds your baby likes and enjoys.

  1. Elmo’s World Christmas Holiday
  2. Super Simple Songs-TreeTop Family, Episodes 1 to 8
  3. Baby Shark Song, also from Super Simple
  4. Baby Einstein Classical Music

The above list works wonders!

How about 6 to 12 months old?

My little one loves the following tv shows:

1. Elmo

Karate Master the musical

Tomato the musical

2. Elmo short stories

3. Super Simple Songs “This is the way” series: It teaches how to get dressed, how to take a bath, brush teeth etc…

4. Super Simple Songs “If you’re happy”

5. Super Simple Songs “Apples and bananas”

6. Super Simple Songs “Open/ Shut”

This list could continue, but these are the basics that might help you understand the likes and dislikes of your baby and will also contribute to his/her learning of language, manners and daily activities.

💁‍♀️By the way, I don’t let my kid watch tv alone all the time. I sit with him and dance, say words and make sounds out loud for him to imitate and learn while watching the shows. Sometimes I do leave him in his play pen while I do chores, but not the whole day.

What about lullabies? Oh yes! I haven’t forgot. I personally discovered a list on You tube of a few Super Simple Songs’ for bedtime and my boy loves them too. It also helps him understand that it’s time to sleep.

Here’s the link:

If you found this list helpful, I’d love to know!



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