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Summer pregnancy survival guide

Are you planning a Summer pregnancy or are actually pregnant in the Summer? Beautiful! It’s not a breezy season for expecting mamas, 🤷 but It’s always possible to stay stylish and feel refreshed in your baby bump situation 😘👌

Baby bump style by me

If you haven’t read me before, let me tell you I live in a tropical island. It’s a warm and humid place. In the Summer humidity levels make you sweat a lot and it can be pretty uncomfortable if you are wearing the wrong outfit. I’m sharing a few outfit ideas above that I’m going to talk about in detail.

I didn’t have to wear a uniform for work and I loved my bump friendly clothes. None of my outfits were maternity wear. I adapted my closet with plus size clothing and I always looked and felt trendy in my babybump figure.

Okay, let’s go back to the weather.🏖☀⛅🌦

Speaking about materials, I used to wear cotton,(picture on the left) soft transparencies like the dress in the center picture, from Rainbow Shops plus sizes. I also wore silky fabric like the one I wore in the picture to the right (this one my mother made it). Say yes to sleeveless blouses and dresses!🙋

I always wore sleeveless dresses, unless I had a business meeting, and there was air conditioner where I was going. Go to the plus sizes’ section in your favorite store and get baby bump friendly fashion. You will never feel like being pregnant leaves you behind on the latest trends, nor that being a mom to be is boring because like me you don’t like wearing maternity jeans or blouses that you will never use again after you give birth.

Tip: Try to buy clothes that you will be able to use after you deliver the baby.

The blue dress I wore in the center picture was not reusable in my case, because the arm space was too big. But the other two dresses are completely fine to wear postpartum. With some dresses you can even wear a belt for when you waist comes back to normal (yay!).

My favorite stores with baby bump friendly fashion were:

What else is very important for you to consider as part of your Summer pregnancy survival?

Done with #picsart photo editor app
Photo credits: Edaliz Pacheco, ©2018 All Rights Reserved
  1. Stay hidrated. Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables
  2. If going to the beach, do so before 10am or 3pm. Those hours are when the sun exposure is higher and dangerous
  3. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent stretch marks and scratching episodes. If you feel itchy on your belly, massage with body lotion, preferably cold from the fridge. It’s very soothing!
  4. Welcome a hair cut or wear it on a bun, or a pony tail
  5. Enjoy smoothies and sorbets any time! Why not your favorite icecream?😉
  6. Enjoy your bath time with aromatherapy bubble gel or body wash

Is there any other idea that you wanna share for the moms to be in hot weather, dry or tropical places like my beautiful Puerto Rico? Leave your comments below! They’re gladly welcomed.

Enjoy the Summer, and the wonderful blessing of expecting and receiving so much joy in such a lovely and beautiful little person. 😍🤰👶



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