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Ideas to feed your baby

Hi mamas!

Hope you’re as excited as me preparing for the summer fun. Today I’m gonna give you this funny anecdote and idea for those of you who are a bit forgetful as the mind behind this page 🙈.

The other day I left the house in a hurry for a doctor’s appointment. Turns out that I took the baby’s oatmeal bowl with me, but left his spoon at home 😧. But I didn’t give up. A super mama never does. Haha!

I took one of my baby’s wafers from Plum Organics and used it as a spoon. 👏👏👏😄

Yes! With motherhood, my mind is set to see solutions quicker and to get rid of the challenge asap.

For mommys everything is possible. Let’s believe in ourselves everyday. Because our kids already do since we helped them come into this world or into our families. 😉


Edaliz ✌😘

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