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My strategies for being a successful stay at home mom

Being a first time mom has been challenging in ways that some people might say I wasn’t prepare for this. I married my husband and we knew for sure that we wanted to be parents. Prayed for it, and finally 3 years after starting a life together, our boy came into the scene. But I used to work all day long, come home, do things without a fixed schedule or routine even on weekends.

So when I had a c-section and went home with the baby, all I could do was apply the reading I did before he was born, pray that I didn’t lose my mind trying to be a mother, a wife and a professional. I cut the last one from my current lifestyle.

Nine months postpartum I can say I’m breathing calmly, I’m actually accomodated to the baby’s needs and the house’s. Still working with my husband into creating a better atmosphere/schedules for our quality time, but we’re getting there. How?

I have 2 agendas. One is for the day to day house’s demands. Laundry, cleaning, fixed menus, any type of chore. I have them all organized by how long they take me to fulfill them. If by any chance I can’t do one of them, I move it for the next day.

The second agenda is for appointments out of the house. This one I keep it in my purse and take it out daily to synchronize my weekly activities with my errands and chores.

Oh, and there’s a third agenda. Yes! Crazy as it seems. This one is for my husband and I to write down every single detail that needs to be fixed in the house. We also include the purchase of tools, furniture, among other things like childproofing the whole place (which we’re just getting started with🙈***late***).

Agenda no.1 and no.3 No.2 is in my purse, haha

Let me give you an example of how my days go by:

  • Waking up
  • Prayer/meditation/Bible study
  • Pumping milk
  • Cooking breakfast/Have breakfast
  • Baby’s first nap
  • Running errands
  • Do laundry or any chore in agenda
  • Baby and mommy time +baby nap
  • Cook dinner
  • Feed the dogs
  • Bathe the baby/mama takes shower
  • Baby’s bedtime
  • Mommy time (sometimes to Zzzz)

I used not to keep it real and sometimes I thought I could squeeze other things into my crazy agenda. But now I’m learning more each day to see how long some things take to get done, (thanks to hubby) and try not to overwhelm myself. I know I’m not an expert and probably some other mamas do everything with a tablet, an app on their phones, but this is how it works for me. And I know that each amd every mama has their very own style when taking care of their homes, kids and everything else. I just hope that if you are a first time mom reading me you find some kind of guidance in this and try to enjoy each day with your little one as you all grow in experiencing the family and parenting life.

If you already have a method to organize your days and you want to share it with me, I’ll be more than glad to receive any kind of advice and suggestions. 😉

Hugs, from a better mom in the making,


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