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Veggie and Cheddar Potato Bowl

Hey mamas!

How did your Monday go? Mine was crazy. I have to admit my agenda was sabotaged by late breakfast, husband going to work late and baby being awake all day long. So laundry will have to wait, vacuum too, among other stuff I had planned.

Tonight I cooked tomorrow’s husband lunch, which will be my dinner. But I didn’t want to eat any kind of meat this evening and made a lite potato bowl that includes the following ingredients:

2 regular potatos (baked)

Mixed veggies

Vegan butter (Earth Balance, dairy free, no soy) 2tsp

1/2 ripe plantain (fried) Cut in squares

1/2 slice of Dayia, Cheddar Style, Non Dairy cheese

I mixed all ingredients in a ceramic bowl. The butter and cheese melted nicely and gave a great seasoned flavor to the rest of the ingredients. I enjoyed it with a nice cup of non alcoholic malt beer; and tada! Yum!😄😋

Very easy recipe, no mess in your sink and healthy.

Hope you like it. And if you try it, come back here and tell me how was it. 😉

Bon apettite!


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