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New pre walker boots

Do you have a favorite shoe brand for your little one? I just found my first one. 🙌💃

My baby is trying to stand up on his own (tired of being held by me or his daddy and not interested in crawling so much)🤣. So I’ve been looking everywhere for stability and comfortability boots that help him stand without hurting his legs. Also when I put him in the walker he won’t be walking on the tip of his toes, because these boots will help him walk correctly.

I bought this cuties in Zapaventura at Plaza Las Americas shopping mall. The brand’s name is Sandy. I promise that if they have an online store (still checking) I will let you know. But these booties are the best I’ve tried so far on my baby’s feet. Because everytime I went to a shoe store and tried to put him on pre walker boots, he used to cry due to having chubby feet the regular shoes wouldn’t fit no matter what size they were.

Price? I think my baby boy’s feet deserve to be comfortable for his fidst little steps, so I paid $38.95. Of course there are more pricy shoes for babies. And if I had to buy those I would’ve for my boy’s health and comfortability. Who wouldn’t have?

I’d love to read about your shoe shopping experience for your child. Feel free to leave some comments below!

Happy day!


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