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Officially a beach boy

Yesterday I went to the beach with my son and he loved it. He’s a natural Caribbean baby boy😄…

I was somehow worried about the sunblock I was going to use for him, until I started using Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535® SPF 30 Cool ‘N Fabulous™ Disappearing Color Lotion ever since I was pregnant with him. This sunblock is the best, because it’s water resistant and bug repellent. It also has a blue color that dissapears once it’s applied on the skin.

He didn’t get a sunburn, nor got tanned. And still got his vitamin D 😊.

Another important fact about this product is that its formula is free from PABA and Deet.

Do you have any preferred sunblocks for your little ones? Do they include bug repellents? I’d be happy to read your recommendations too!😊

Happy day!


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