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Finger food for the little ones

Today I went to my closest whole foods’ market and checked the baby fod area. My baby boy will soon have teeth (dying to see them 🤣) and he chees on anything and everything all the time. Plus, he likes to eat. So I found these organic treat that contain only 1g of sugar and dissolve quickly for a better swallowing experience.

I bought the Banana & Pumpkin wafers. I tried to smell them when I got one out of the package and no scent came out of it. But once my baby started chewing on it, a great smell came out. He loved them! 😍😄

If you have a baby that crawls, that’s the criteria explained in the product box that lets you know if your little one can eat it. Every other product of this brand has the same guide.

I will continue to try other snacks of this brand, and will keep you posted. These are great to have on the go with you to entertain your little one and calm the anxiety that teething causes.



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