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Easy recipes for crazy busy moms

A week ago I made two dishes that are mess free and super easy to do either when your work day was hectic, or your home duties left you too exhausted to play chef in your kitchen.

Oh! And I also added my baby’s meal on the side. 😊

Here they are!

Okay, this is white rice, (because hubby likes it and I don’t have time to make any other type of grain for me with an 8 month old always in my arms). Sautéed chicken breast with carrots and potatos Aaand! Creamy delicious avocado.

Side: Tostones, (Fried green plantains)

  • There’s nothing special about the recipe. Only that I don’t use regular seasoning in the chicken. Just salt, and garlic

My next plate is even more simple:

I made these as follows:

  1. Split two tco shells in half (because I didn’t have the actual mexican tostadas
  2. Put cheese ( cheddar style or your preference) Mine is Dayia Cheddar Style (it’s non dairy)
  3. Place the amount of a teaspoonful of white rice (could be quinoa)😋
  4. On top of the rice, put the guacamole and refried beans. You can add more cheese on top of it all if you are a cheese lover.
  5. You can make this recipe on a frying pan to keep all ingredients warm and the cheese melting. Or if you wanna make it a bit easier, microwave it after every ingredient is on the tostada shell.
  6. Serve with veggies, or do it like me. I added chicken sausage, because I wanted an extra protein.

On my baby’s plate was smashed potatos (home made).👶😋

If you liked these recipes and would like to see more. Let me know and I will post them for you. I’m no chef. Just a regular mom trying to simplify her days with easy, yummy, healthy meals. 😘👌



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