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Our babies trust us

It is so wonderful and supernatural how our children trust us, their parents.

I love it when I put my baby to sleep and he opens his eyes to see that I’m there and goes back to sleep. He knows I’m taking care of him.

When it’s meal time and he opens his mouth willingly because mama is giving him what nourishes his little body. Even if then the taste is funny. He he!

I admire how he allowed me to put him in his tub for a bath even though at the beginning he didn’t know what was that warm liquid, but then it felt good. And he loves his bath time.

There is the trust that grows in a relationship between adult friends or a couple. But then there’s the trust that a child has in their parents. It’s almost blind. But it’s also learned with time and experiences that a mother and a father will always do what’s best for their offspring. And it’s so beautiful, so faithful, so hopeful.

Friend if you’re reading this, know that your child, or children see you as their protector, a heroe, an all good doer. And if somehow you forgot it. Please review all the great things you’ve done from day 1. And feel encouraged to keep the good deeds that your children will imitate in the future.


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