Priceless 7 months

Today my lovely boy turned 7 months old. What I’ve gone through this entire season it’s a long story. But I know I’m wayyy blessed. And I don’t regret living this experience.

On the bright side, I never gained weight from pregnancy. On the gray side(๐Ÿ’)I’ve lost so much weight I don’t even resemble the person I was pre pregnancy, and it’s taken me a lot to get used to it. Hormones? The craziest thing . From mood swings, to eating like I’ll never be satisfied and to having reactions to my favorite food.

Also forgot that makeup was my life. I would never go out without it! But now I just avoid wearing it, because don’t feel like having a pancake on my face when my baby likes to touch it and he’ll get it all in his hands that he likes to have in his mouth all the time.

My life has changed, so what?! Now I love to shop for baby gear on Amazon๐Ÿ˜„, and learned not to wake up in a mood, because a baby smiles at me ๐Ÿ‘ถwhen I pick him up from his crib; and I get to watch cartoons again while eating breakfast. ๐Ÿคฃ I’ve stopped from doing things for me to live with this little guy everyday, learning together, laughing, crying, hugging and eating, shopping, cooking healthier for us…

Today I thank God I get to enjoy this phase and pray that anyone who gets to read this and hasn’t gotten the opportunity and longs for it, can soon be able to say the same. My figure is not the same, my lifestyle either, but my whole life is amazing, fun, and full of wonders, because my baby is here. Because I am responsible that this little person accomplishes his goals and makes his purpose happen in this world. My prayer for you is that your womb opens and receives a blessing that you actually get to hug and look into her or his eyes until your last breath.


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