A power blend to boost you inmune system

Hi! I want to share a family recipe that we drink when the flu threats us in our surroundings. Since we mothers give our all to take care of the house and the little ones, it’s very important that we guard our health as much as possible.

Here are the ingredients:

  1. Carrot (if its big use half of it)
  2. Orange juice (you can either squeeze oranges or buy the most natural version of it)
  3. Beet (I use the canned one because you only have to put a few slices of it in the blender, but you can also boil one and slice it)
  4. Radishes (I put three)
  5. Ginger (Use a small piece)
  6. Red apple (cut one with and dont remove the skin. Put it in the blender)
  7. Half lime (squeeze it into the blender)

After you put all the ingredients in the blender and used a considerable amount of orange juice (enough to make the ingredients float a bit), blend this marvelous secret juice. It is great and delicious alternative to boost your inmune system, and to level up your antibodies. I encourage you to look up for all the benefits that these fruits and vegetables have and you won’t hesitate to make this recipe yours for the health of your entire household.

This blend has helped me beat the flu and combat the chinkungunya virus (a mosquito transmitted disease). This is not a medicine, but its nutritional value can really help your body to heal on its own. I am not a doctor nor a health praticioner of any kind and I don’t intend by this post to medicate nobody. It’s always the best action to consult your doctor.

Hope this helps you fight against this flu season and if you try it let me know. Or if you have any other family secrets, feel free to share it in the comments section!



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