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Running away or getting that vaccine?

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Last week I took my baby boy to his pediatrician to get his vaccines. ☹ Why the sad emoji? I complain and almost cry more than him. He is too brave for a 5 month old. 😍 I read and read about vaccines administrations…

I still am afraid of the reactions they might cause; because every child has a different inmune system. I want my baby to be healthy and strong and I ensure myself that I do the necessary to provide for that goal. Believe me. I wanted to run away from that office as soon as the doctor started talking about the importance of the shots. Not because my baby would cry in pain, but because I know that those shots are inactive cultures of the illnesses that I don’t want my son to get.

Logic tells you your kid should get the shot to prevent sickness, or make them stronger against it. And if you were vaccinated and you are completely healthy, you probably think it’s more beneficial to do it. But there’s also the part where you just want to take care of your little one yourself the best way you can and forget to trust science on this one.

What do you think? What’s your perspective about this topic? Have you found information that convinced you to do it or not to do it? I won’t judge. Whatever you do for the wellbeing of your kid is okay. Because that’s what loving parents do. So, good job!

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2 thoughts on “Running away or getting that vaccine?”

  1. I highly recommend watching the documentary series The TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES.
    There is no short answer to this question. In my opinion I would love to see the regulatory boddies doing a thorough investigation in what is in the vaccines and the frequency of administering them to babies…
    There is a link between shots and rising Autism spectrum and leaky gut!
    I never gave a second thought to vaccines for my babies. I got vaccinated as a baby and child and am doing fine. But I don’t think I got even half of the number of vaccines my babies got…
    And although vaccines are not mandatory here in Canada, every child has to have up-to-date immunization record to be able to enter school!
    There goes our freedom of choice…


    1. Thank you for your insight Katerina! I truly agree with your thoughts. I decided that since nobody in the pharmaceutical or medicine industry can assure that vaccines won’t have side effects or cause diseases, my bby won’t get anymore.


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