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First words, play time and memories

I’m so proud of my little boy…This week he started saying mamma and dad. And he made new friends when we went to the park for the first time, to meet with one of my best friends that took her babies there also. I truly believe that kid’s intelligence starts building from the womb.

Many studies affirm that a baby that starts listening to words, and music in the womb will have a better development. My baby boy, now 5 months old likes me to sing to him (though I wouldn’t get anybody to listen to me singing not even for a minute😂). He also pays a lot of attention when I pronounce some words. I encourage you to do the same, if you’re pregnant or already have babies, or a little niece/nephew. Kids learn too when they know they are noticed. They feel free to act, inquire and really appreciate the attention we give them.

I hope this helps you to feel inspired to work in favor of your children’s development and make sure they feel that they are there with you and for you with your conversations and games everyday. A happy childhood will turn into a satisfying adulthood. 😉

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