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Pregnancy made my hair grow, but I lost it

A year and a half before I got pregnant with my baby boy I cut my hair into a short bob, because my magenta and purple haircolor fried my curls. 🙈 During my pregnancy everybody said how beautiful my hair was, how strong it was growing…So when I gave birth, I thought it would stay like that, but three months after it began falling. 😧

Purple hair

According to Baby Center, during pregnancy hormones make hair grow and stop its falling routine. So when one gives birth hair starts falling again and of course growing, but we can only see those big hair bunches on the comb.

Successful hair growth

SO! This is what I did. I went to Om Studio at la calle Loiza, where they truly know how to work with curly hair and this was the result. Now I feel renovated…

Short curly bob

But, it is not over. Now I have to be veeeery, extremely patient for my curls to grow back, and keep on treating them right to enjoy having hair on my head. 🤗😆

Here’s a list of my favorite curl activator/care and styling products:

  1. Cantu Beauty hair cream

    You can buy it on their web page or on Amazon

          2. I keep my curls hydrated with Garnier Curl Nourish Butter Cream 

          3. I also use Garnier hair care Whole Blends Coconut Cocoa Butter Smoothing Shampoo and Whole Blends Coconut Cocoa Butter Smoothing Conditioner

    If you or someone you know have more tips on caring for your hair after having a baby, feel free to share it in the comments! Or if somebody else needs to read this, share. Because sharing is caring. 😉

    ’til next blogpost!                                    ~Edaliz

    5 thoughts on “Pregnancy made my hair grow, but I lost it”

      1. I know! And it’s been a week since I got my new haircut and I’ve seen a lot of improvement in strength 🙌 Thanks for reading me!


    1. Hi, Eda! Try to use sulfate free shampoo and protein conditioner. I love to use Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor shampoo, conditioner and leave in. Those ingredients will help your hair to grow stronger and faster. You can find it at Walgreens, Walmart, Cvs, Amazon, Sally’s Beauty Supply.
      Blessings ❤️


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