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Three Kings Day, Día de Reyes

Today it was a Holiday for us in Puerto Rico. Our Three Kings Day or Día de Reyes is observed in remembrance of the wise men that gave gifts to baby Jesus. Kids enjoy this celebration as they receive gifts too. So they get Christmas presents and Three Kings Day presents. 
I’m so thankful that my family is blessed with every basic need and more. But on September last year, hundreds of families were left without their homes and belongings due to the devastating hurricane Maria. Many kids still don’t have a home, nor toys to play with or school uniforms. There are organizations raising money to buy toys or receive donated toys for these children. I know toys are not a priority as food or ckean water are. But a child that has gone through such a frustrating event also deserves to be blessed with play time and toys to build nice childhood memories. 

If you feel moved to help, you can click on any of these links below to make a child smile during this rough time in our island. The good you do, will be returned to you and yours. 💖😊 via @youcaring

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