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Do you breastfeed asleep?

I know very few of you would say yes. Because having your baby in your arms when you breastfeed him/her at night means you have to stay very much awake to supply your little one’s every need. So that brings me to the real subject here.

 Falling back asleep can be very hard after the baby’s feeding time in the middle of the night, giving the fact that you probably have to change diapers too. Let me share with you some of the techniques that have worked for me these past four months with my baby boy:


Use a night light instead to keep the night time environment going for you and your baby.


If you know you won’t fall asleep immediately, don’t sweat it and drink a warm cup of milk. It’ll help you relax and go back to sleep. If milk is not an option for you, try chammomille tea. 


 While the baby depends too much on you, keep her or him close to you. I have my baby right next to me in his crib. I bought the Delta 4 in 1 Emery Crib which will last until he is 50 lbs or until he doesn’t fit in any longer. It’s an affordable and convenient crib, since it fits perfectly next to a queen bed, such as mine. So as soon as I feed my baby boy, I hop into my bed. 

   4. READ

 If you are a reader just like me, try an interesting topic on Kindle, which I like to use on my cellphone. 

Try not to check upon you social networks because that will not work at all, unless you have some boring friends that might make you regain your sleep (impossible). Counting sheeps or whatever you like doesn’t work for me, but if you try it and works for you, be my guest! What really helps every single night for me with any other activity, is to stay relax and it definitely makes me sleepy. 

Hope it helps! And if you have any other technique, please share it in the comments section! 

See you in my next blog post!


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