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My Christmas Miracle 

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you’ve had a great holiday and that you continue to enjoy this wonderful season with your loved ones. This Christmas I am blessed beyond measure. I have a beautiful son; and today I remember that it’s been a year since I heard his beating heart for the first time. 

Last year when I was 2 months pregnant, a young guy bumped his car into the back of ours on Christmas night. It was rainy, the traffic light turned to red, and apparently this man didn’t see we stopped. 

Fortunately, the impact only shook my husband’s head and mine. But I was still scared because the seat belt pressed my belly so hard I thought something could’ve happened to the baby. Suddenly, I felt in my spirit not to worry, and we went to the hospital after the policeman took all the information and details of the crash. Our prayers, and my family’s prayers were heard and even though it was too soon to see my developing baby, we could see his heart beating. Melted. That’s how we ended up from the joy we felt knowing that our son was there, alive and growing. 

We always thought that the guy that bumped into us was texting our browsing in his cell. But we forgave. Carrying hate wouldn’t have helped. Wearing seatbelts saved our lives and our baby’s. A human life is too precious, and vulnerable. Texting and driving is a suicidal act. Technology is there for you to communicate while driving. Lets use hands free mode from our cars’ accesories or our cellphones and drife save for the sake of our lives and others, today and everyday. Hope you found this story inspiring and if you did, feel free to share it!

Happy Holidays! 

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