It’ll never be the same 

When I found out that I was pregnant I knew that so many things would change; and they did. But it was for my own good and my baby’s wellbeing. So…this was my drill and it definitely worked! 

First, let me tell you that you should follow your doctor’s advice and know your body to find out what’s best for you.

I’m more than sure that every mother wants a healthy pregnancy and delivery. So was my case. I started by downloading Baby Center, pregnancy app.  In this app I read about all the precautions expectant mothers have to take for her wellbeing and her child’s. My first concern was eating healthy, and this app is great at pointing to those foods that are beneficial for your pregnancy and those that are not.  You can also find information about your baby’s development in videos and even birth clases. 

Second, I thought of birth possibilites and searched for birth classes. It’s the best decision you can make if you want a healthy birth experience in every possible way. I went to MAM, (Mujeres Ayudando Madres by its Spanish meaning) Women Helping Mothers. They taught me the importance of knowing every stage of pregnancy and birth. But they also teach about women’s rights to give birth however they want if their health condition allows it. 

Third and last, if you can exercise during pregnancy, I highly encourage it; because it keeps you energised and active. It also keeps you in a good mood. I used to do yoga, until my back problems started again. But it was great while it lasted 😉. Keep doing research on best practices to stay healthy and listen to what your body says while you expect. Don’t listen to anyone around you that is not your doctor or your midwive. Your life,your body, your routines will never be the same with a beautiful baby. But you are the only one to design how it will be. 

P.S. Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll share with you some pregnancy personal care tips that made me feel great with my bump! 

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