What do you do when you find out?

It wasn’t too fancy. I was in a public bathroom, at work, but I wanted to know. I truly desired to find out if my dream was actually alive, as I hoped it would be around that time. And suddenly, two pink lines appeared on the pregnancy test…

At that exact moment, I started shaking, and then thanked God for this miracle. I was going to be a mommy! What then? I drove home, told my hubby the big news and started planning for our lives for the next 8 months to come. If there’s something very important to do is choosing a health care provider that you can trust and feel comfortable with talking about your birth plans. Second, plan with your significant other when and how you will break the news to your families. How exciting! Right? My husband and I told our parents and siblings right away, but we waited until we were sure the baby was growing healthy (around week 12) to tell everybody else.

I’m gonna share some ideas about how you can break the news to the world. This is the picture we placed on our wedding album, for everybody to see at the end of it. They were really surprised to find the picture of the pregnancy test and the quote from 1st of Samuel chapter 1, verses 27-28.

 For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him. Therefore also I have let the Lord have him. As long as he lives he will be dedicated to the Lord .” And he worshipped the Lord there. 1 Samuel 1:27‭-‬28 MEV

They thought that was a prayer speaking of the future. But that was actually happening! Here’s a list of additional baby news ideas:

  1.   You can also get a newspaper to post the news and share it
  2.  Gather the entire family to share a video of you and your partner showing everybody the first picture of your little one, a sonogram.
  3. Buy custom shirts with your due date
  4. Get bottles or pacifiers for your parents, in-laws or closest friends
  5. Make a photo shoot concept to share the news with your community on social media

So, once you have enjoyed telling everyone that you’re expecting, your story as an expectant mother has just started! What’s next? Stay tunned to find out how I developed a very healthy lifestyle, from good eating habits, personal care and control of my emotional and mental status, in order to deliver a healthy baby.

Best,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ~Edaliz

What do you think? Comment below to let me know your impression. I'll be happy to reply!

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